Easiest Banoffee Pie EVER


Seeing as I didn’t get time to bake anything today I thought I’d share an old recipe I’ve made probably far too many times in the past. It literally takes less than twenty minutes to make, doesn’t require cooking, and can be eaten the second it’s complete (or earlier even!) Continue reading


Paleo Shepherds Pie


Seeing as in two weeks I’ll be squeezing myself into a bikini and lounging on a beach, I thought I should have a break from the sugars and cakes, and attempt some healthier recipes.

I love Shepherd’s Pie but obviously its not the most diet friendly meal, so I made a paleo version, replacing the potato mash topping with cauliflower, and trust me it tastes just as good! Continue reading

Some more old stuff

So I shunned human interaction last night in favour of attempting to bake an unusual cake, but I’ll post about that later as it still needs to be decorated (and I’m currently laying in bed ignoring the voice in my head telling me to get up and make the trip to the shops). So for now just a few more things I made last year, last ones I promise!

ffRainbow cake! This actually turned out a lot better than I expected. I used a recipe for a white sponge, split the mixture into 6 and added a different colouring to each one. The hardest part was choosing which order to arrange the rainbow in!

nbUntitled Continue reading