Cheesecake brownie

4Cheesecake… pretty good. Brownies… pretty good. Together… heaven!

With all my friends from uni home for Easter, I have no one left to force feed my cakes other than my family, who I can already see are getting tired of the constant sugar overload. But even they couldn’t put up a fuss when I came home with this next creation. Walking through the door with the still warm and gooey brownies, I could hear my brother shouting from the kitchen “Oh my goddd mum, I’m not eating anymore of Jessica’s stupid cakes” (What are brothers for?!). Ten minutes later there were 3 clearly missing brownies in the pan – not that he would admit to enjoying them!

I came across this recipe from Laurie’s blog and adapted it slightly, although I don’t think I quite did it justice! It really is the most amazing treat – it has a warm and gooey brownie base, a delicious smooth and creamy cheesecake, and topped off with chocolate chips which melt in the oven to give the perfect gooey result.


Just wow

I also just bought a new attachment for my KitchenAid mixer, so this gave me the perfect opportunity to test it out (…not that I need an excuse to bake!)

The rubber bit scrapes the sides as it mixes

The rubber bit scrapes the sides as it mixes

The recipe and method for this is actually a lot more simple than it looks. First I prepared the mixture for the brownie base, and poured it into the brownie tin. I then prepared the cheesecake mixture and poured this on top of the brownie batter. To finish it off I used a mixture of white and milk chocolate chips all over the top.

Like before with my Red Velvet Cheesecake, I like a really soft cheesecake, so use half ‘light’ cream cheese and half regular. If you prefer a more firm cheesecake, just replace the light version with the regular version.


Look how clean the sides of the mixing bowl are! Definitely worth investing in that attachment

I put it in the oven for 45-50 minutes, and then let it cool for an hour while I went to a yoga class (something I’ve just started, and beginning to feel its not quite my forte!)

Warm chocolately cheesecakey goodness!

Warm chocolately cheesecakey goodness!

I then cut it into slices and took it straight to my family – anything to get it away from me as soon as possible! Living alone, with a soft spot for cake, and a baking hobby, can be pretty dangerous!

1Let me know if you give these a go, and how it turns out!

Jess x

  • Recipe:
  • 150g full-fat cream cheese
  • 150g low-fat cream cheese
  • 75g Caster Sugar
  • 1 large egg
  • 1/2 tablespoon plain flour
  • 1/2 tsp Vanilla essence
  • 100ml soured cream
  • .
  • Favourite Brownie mix (prepared as directed)
  • White and milk chocolate chips (around 3/4 cup, or to your own taste.. I like it extra chocolatey!)
  1. Method:
  2. Preheat the oven to 180C and grease your tin.
  3. Prepare the brownie mixture as directed and pour into the pre greased tin
  4. Mix the cream cheese until smooth, then gradually add the sugar. Continue mixing until smooth and creamy
  5. Add the vanilla essence, and a pinch of salt
  6. Add the egg and mix until everything is combined.
  7. Add the soured cream and flour and stir gently until everything is combined.
  8. Pour into the tin, on top of the brownie mixture.
  9. Scatter the chocolate chips across the top of the cheesecake
  10. Bake for 45-50 minutes, and then let to cool.
  11. EAT



11 thoughts on “Cheesecake brownie

  1. I tried to make red velvet cheesecake brownies but they were a disaster! This recipe looks much easier to follow so think I need to give this a go! Do you get your recipes from books or do you create them yourself? x

    • Haha I saw a post on Pinterest of some AMAZING looking red velvet cheesecake brownies. Maybe I’ll give them a miss now haha. Definitely try these out, it was really simple! A bit of both, sometimes I’ll get the base recipe from a book but then experiment a bit with different things / quantities until I get it just right. Experimented with a ton of cheesecake cream cheese ratios until I found one that I like!
      Ah thanks for letting me know 😦 I changed my blog address and ever since then everything is messed up – I’m pretty sure some of my posts arent coming up on the reader for some people either! 😦 x

      • Ahh amazing, I hopefully will try them again one day. Imagine getting therm right they would be a DREAM! Will deff by trying yours though 🙂 that’s cool. I’m still mostly following recipes but adding my own bits.
        Ah how annoying! This blogging business can be very tricky…xx

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