Cheesecake for Mother’s Day!


I just find the concept of Mother’s Day extremely commercial and superficial. I was in a skincare shop the other day, which specialises in products for problem / acne skin, and they had a big display urging you to ‘Treat your mum this Mothers Day’ – with a basket of skincare products. Because nothing says I love you more than a basket of acne treatments. Continue reading


Some more old stuff

So I shunned human interaction last night in favour of attempting to bake an unusual cake, but I’ll post about that later as it still needs to be decorated (and I’m currently laying in bed ignoring the voice in my head telling me to get up and make the trip to the shops). So for now just a few more things I made last year, last ones I promise!

ffRainbow cake! This actually turned out a lot better than I expected. I used a recipe for a white sponge, split the mixture into 6 and added a different colouring to each one. The hardest part was choosing which order to arrange the rainbow in!

nbUntitled Continue reading

Some old stuff

Before I start I just want to apologise for the poor quality of the photos coming! Last year I was living in university halls, which meant it was always easy to find a group of people to come eat my cakes, often before I had time to get a good photo of it! I never thought I’d be posting them on a blog so most the photos are quick snaps on my phone before I allowed my friends come and destroy the cakes, but in future I’ll take better pictures! Also when I bake next time I’ll try add photos of each step and of course post the recipe! But the pictures below are from months back so unfortunately I don’t remember them all. Anyway I hope to bake my first thing tomorrow morning so check back over the weekend for that!

IMG_4377The minute I saw a photo of these online I knew I had to bake them! Continue reading

My first post


So I decided it’s about time I entered the blogging world… and what better topic is there than baking?

Baking is something I do when I’m bored, when I’m stressed, when I’m meant to be dieting, when it’s someones birthday… basically anytime! Over the last few months I realised I’ve barely baked at all and now I have a cake shaped hole in my heart 😦 so I decided its time for me to pick up my whisk and get baking again. I’m hoping having this blog will help keep me baking at least once a week, and if you’re reading, I hope you enjoy what you see!

Jess x